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Barcode labels

If you are looking for some kind of labels which also have barcodes on them then the barcode labels are suitable for you. These labels come in different shapes and colors and they also can have different kind of barcodes on them.

The barcodes available for printing on the labels include numeric and alpha-numeric as well as compact with details. These labels are most widely used by shopping centers, malls as well as courier services to get details about the products.

These barcodes include special kind of codes which can be scanned with the barcode scanner machines to read the information enclosed within the barcode. The barcodes printed by us on the labels can have different kind of details on each one and we ensure that the barcodes are of international standard so that they can be read by any machine in the world.

All the barcode printed labels come are available in different materials including the paper, vinyl and PVC plastic. The paper material labels are the most common type of labels and they are preferred by each and every company as they paper material looks simple and can easily be read by the scanner. The vinyl labels are transparent and the PVC labels have solid colors and vinyl/PVC provide waterproofing properties which makes them ideal for use in wet environments.

We offer special customization options for the labels printed by us where you can choose from options like emboss, stamp and foiling in gold or silver. You can also choose to protect your labels by adding UV coating which add a thin transparent layer of plastic for protection from scratches.

All the barcode labels printed by us can be delivered free of cost to any location in the Australia.

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