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Metallic Gold Labels

Metallic gold labels, as the name suggests have gold color which gives them a look of the metallic gold item. These labels are used on items like jewelry as well as other premium items. These labels might be used by jewelers as well as super stores.

The round, square, rectangle and oval labels are the standard type of labels which can be used on your products while the two unique shapes can also be printed. You can choose from custom and die-cut where custom allows you to have your desired text printed on the shape while die-cut option can be used to have the labels printed in a shape which is unique and different from others.

These labels are usually printed from different materials including the paper, vinyl and PVC plastic where each of them have their own specialties. The paper material looks classic and simple while the vinyl and PVC are waterproof. The vinyl material can also be printed in transparent looks while the PVC material is useful when you want to choose different colors.

You can choose to have the labels foiled in gold to get shine while the metallic option can be obtained by using the UV coating. You can also get your labels embossed or stamped to get a unique label.

All the labels printed by us can be shipped free of cost to any location in the Australia.

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