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Clear Labels

Clear labels are commonly and widely applied labels which are affixed on almost all types of products especially the products made with glass. Printed on clear Vinyl plastic, the labels are typically used to display the name, the brand, company and country of make, some safety instructions, etc. These labels are also used on the glass windows, doors, glass walls, bottles, neon signs and on the racks of the shopping malls. Some of the transparent labels are used to publicize while the others are used; either to prohibit or warn someone. offers six different types and designs of the, such as, round, square, rectangular, Die-Cut, oval and custom. All these designs can be printed in any color, any shape and any size, depending upon your requirements and marketing plan.

Typically, the clear, transparent Vinyl plastic of high opacity can be applied to print the high quality labels. The images and text can be printed with good combination of full, bright, shining, glowing, vibrant, lively and eye-catching spectrum of colors while the CMYK basic colors are a used to warn the intruders or to forbid some from doing some specific task. The clear see-through labels which are used for publicity are printed with different range of colors while the warning and informational labels are printed in different colors. Some high-priced or high-quality products are affixed with the labels printed in Golden and Silver color combination.

The printing of the clear labels for the products which are sold on the counter are printed with embossed and stamped techniques to leave the touch of hand effect.

The cheap and good quality labels are shipped to you, free of cost, within Australia, regardless of the weight and size of the consignment.                   


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