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Window Labels

Windows labels are a hot popular method of marketing, publicity and sale promotion. These window labels are affixed on any window, door, walls or other similar places of business to inform the outsiders and window shoppers to come inside and do shopping. These are also used to warn against the passer byes not to touch the window, door, wall or other glass object of the business. offers six different types and designs of the labels for windows, which are; round, rectangular, square, Die-Cut, oval and custom labels. All the shapes of the window shaped labels can be printed in any size, any color or any shape, depending upon your typical business requirements.

These labels can be printed with any material, ranging from paper of all qualities, UV coated material and clear transparent / white Vinyl plastic. As the window labels are printed, primarily, for the glass window, door, wall or any other glass object, the material applied can be either paper or clear Vinyl plastic.

Similarly, the images and text are printed with the different combination of full, bright, shining, glowing, and eye-catching colors though some of the warning labels for the windows can be printed with CMYK basic colors.

The cheap and good quality labels are shipped to you, free of cost, within Australia, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.

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