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Cosmetic Labels

One of the widely and extensively yet most beautifully printed labels are cosmetic labels. The cosmetic product labels are the most beautiful and most attractive labels which are printed for the highest ever priced material in the most charming colors. All the cosmetics products are glued the labels which are printed in the best possible color combination available. As almost all the cosmetic products are sold on the counter, if the good quality labels are not affixed on them, their sale remain in dwindles. offers six styles and designs of the labels which are; Die-Cut, round, oval, rectangular and square. All these designs of labels for cosmetics can be printed in any color, any size and any shape, depending upon the marketing plan and marketing mix of the product.

Best ever available material is used for the printing of the labels for cosmetics as the cosmetics are the products which are typically sold on the basis of its, brand and then its labels. Exceptionally best quality of the paper (superfine, shining, white, colored, multi-colored, glazed and laminated), UV coated material and clear/transparent/white/super soft Vinyl plastic are typically applied to print the cosmetic labels. Embossing and stamped printing technique is, widely and extensively, applied to give the touch of hand effect. Some of cosmetics of very good quality, high-priced, high-class branded, cosmetic in use of some celebrity and luxury product labels are printed with Gold/Silver foiled material.

Similarly, the images and text are printed with very good quality and excellent combination of full, bright, lively, vibrant, shining, glowing and eye-catching spectrum of colors. The images of the celebrities and their messages are printed in the real color combination where the CMYK basic colors are rarely used.    

Embossed and stamped printing is a norm and standard for the labels while labels of some of the high-priced cosmetics and those in use of some celebrities are printed on Gold / Silver foiled material.

Cheap and best quality labels are shipped to you, free of cost, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.


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