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Bottle labels

Bottle Labels, as the name suggests are used on bottled products like cold drinks, wine bottles, sauces as well as jams. These labels are most commonly used by bottling companies and work not only to add branding and other details but, also add beauty to the product.

The bottling labels are available for printing in a variety of shapes where you can choose from options like square, circle, oval and rectangle. If you are looking for kind of unique shapes then the custom and die-cut are the best ones. The custom allows to have any kind of text printed on the labels while the die-cut can be used to print any kind of custom shape according to your specifications.

All the labels for bottles are printed from premium a quality label which means they will not only add details but, also add value to the bottled products. You can choose from materials like paper which looks classic and simple while the vinyl printed labels ensure that all the labels have transparency and also are resistant to water and other wet liquids. The PVC plastic materials can also be used which provide different kind of colors in solid. provides additional customization options like emboss, stamping and foiling. You can choose to get your labels foiled in colors like gold or silver. You can also choose to have your labels UV coated to ensure that your bottle labels are scratching resistant.

All the labels are pre-glued on their back which means you can start using them once they are shipped free of cost your desired address in the Australia.


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