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Jar Labels

Jar Labels

Jar labels, as indicated by the name, are used, particularly, for the jars of all types, such as, food products jars, jars to keep chemical, jars to keep medicines, jars to some precious stones or some other laboratory products. Typically, the labels are used to identify and signify the product inside the jars, brand, company and country of make, manufacturing / expiry date, ingredients (if food product) or some legally required information, if food product. Any other details can also be given on them. offers six different types and designs of the labels which are; round labels, rectangular labels, square and Die-Cut labels, oval labels and custom labels. All these designs of jarred labels can be printed in any color, any size and any shape, depending upon your marketing plan and the marketing mix of the products for which these labels are being printed.

The labels can be printed on different type of materials, depending upon the kind of the product, e.g. the labels for the food products are printed on different material while the jars of the chemicals or medicine are printed on different material. But one thing is common for the material, i.e. the durability and the water / weather resisting ability. Paper of all qualities, soft cardboard, UV coated material and clear/transparent/white Vinyl plastic are widely used to print the labels.

Images and text with different combination of full, bright, vibrant, lively, shining, glowing and eye-catching colors are used for printing the jar labels while the CMYK basic colors are used for printing the labels for the medicine, chemicals or some of the laboratory products. Embossing and stamping is extensively applied while printing the labels for food products.

Cheap and good quality jar labels are shipped to you, free of cost, within Australia, regardless of the size of the consignment.       

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