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Block out vinyl labels

Block out vinyl labels are those kinds of labels which are used for the purpose of hiding or blocking some information beneath them. These labels are useful on occasion where you want your labels to hide the old or outdated information on the product.

These labels might be used on items like boxes where the original information printed becomes outdated. If you are reusing some item then these labels are also useful. You can also choose to use these labels when you want your labels to fix some information which was misprinted on the item.

The blocks out labels are printed from different kind of materials but, all the materials aim to hide the information on their back. You can get the labels printed in materials like paper, vinyl and PVC plastics. The paper material is solid and looks classic while the vinyl materials have translucent effect and provides waterproofing. The PVC plastics are available in a variety of colors and also provide waterproofing.

All the labels printed by us come in different shapes where you can choose from customized options like custom which lets you add any kind of text while the die-cut option gives you the option to print the labels in your desired shape. You can also select from standard options like circle, oval, rectangle and square.

All the blocking vinyl labels come with pre-added adhesive on their backs to ensure that they are ready for use once you get your consignment.

All the block-out vinyl labels are printed at cheap rates and you can also choose to have your labels delivered at your doorsteps without paying any extra charges.


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