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Soap labels are a special type of labels which are used to wrap the soap products. The soap product labels are printed keeping in view the color and fragrance of the soap bar or soap container. The quality of the printing materials depends upon the price and popularity of the soap. Soap labels can be printed on the exceptionally superfine, waterproof, thin and of very good quality of the paper and can be printed with an equally best combination of the colors.

Labelprintingco.com.au offers six different types and designs of the labels, which are; round, square, Die-Cut, custom, rectangular and oval labels. All these categories and designs of the labels can be printed in any color, any size or any shape, depending on your marketing plan and marketing mix of the soap.

Material to print the soap labels ranges from paper (superfine, shining white, colored, multi-colored, glazed or laminated), UV coated material and clear transparent/white Vinyl plastic.

The images and text are printed with a different but best available combination of real life full, bright, shining, glowing, lively, vibrant and eye-catching spectrum of colors. labels of some of the low priced soaps are printed with CMYK basic colors. Embossing and stamping are the norms of the industry and widely applied during the printing of the labels for soap. Some high-priced, high brand and luxury soaps are affixed with the labels which are printed on Gold / Silver foiled materials.

Cheap and best quality labels are shipped to you, free of cost, within Australia, regardless of the size of the consignment.

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