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Bath & beauty labels

Bath & beauty labels, as the name suggests are made specifically for the bathing & beauty products. These labels can be used on items like shampoo, soaps, skin lotions and skin tonics. These labels are used by manufacturers to add details to their products which can have details like name, specifications, manufacturer’s name as well as ingredients.

The bathing & beauty labels are printed from top quality materials which not only add details but, also help in increasing the beauty of the labels. These labels are printed in full-color which means you will be able to print them with any kind of image or color on them letting you add beauty as well as help them look attractive. offer different shapes for the printing of the labels where you can choose from standard shapes like circular, square, rectangle and oval. If you are looking for some kind of unique shapes for the printing of your labels then the custom and die-cut are suitable for you. The custom option lets you add any kind of text on them while the die-cut shape is useful when you want your labels to have unique shape.

We print the labels from different materials where you can choose from paper, vinyl and PVC plastic. The paper materials look simple and can be used in a variety of colors and it can be used on items to make them look simple and classic. The vinyl material is useful when you want your labels to be printed with waterproofing capabilities and want your labels to be transparent. The PVC plastics are also waterproof but, they come in a range of solid colors.

We offer free shipping of all the printed bath beauty labels to any address in the Australia without charging any extra which ensures that the overall printing prices are kept to minimum.


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