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Candle Labels

Are you a candle manufacturer who produce custom made candles or you are some kind of individual who offers special candles and want to label your candle then the candle labels are best for you. Our printed labels for candles are printed from premium quality material and any kind of shape can be printed in any color you want.

All the labels for candles can be printed from materials like paper, vinyl and PVC plastic. The paper materials looks elegant and also add beauty to your labels. The vinyl printed labels can be used on candle made specifically for use in wet conditions as these labels are waterproof while transparency is a plus point of vinyl printed labels. The PVC plastic labels can also be used in water and moist conditions but, they are available in a variety of solid colors. offer different kind of shapes for the printing of candle labels where you will be able to choose from shapes like custom to get any kind text or logo name printed on the labels while the die-cut option is useful when you want to get your desired shape printed to make your candles look unique. Standard shapes like circle, square, rectangle and oval are also available.

All the labels are printed in lowest ever rates without compromising the top quality of materials. To keep the overall pricing to the lowest, we offer the option to get your labels delivered free of cost to any location in the Australia.

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