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Kiss Cut Labels

Kiss Cut printing is a special type of printing in which the sharp metal die or laser beam techniques are applied to cut the material in such way as not to cut the backing layer of the material. To print the Kiss labels, special type of material with two layers is used. As the state of the art technology of laser beam can be applied to create exceptionally complex images and texts, kiss labels are used to print images and text of high resolution. Specifically, kiss cut printing is used where the printed part is to be made distinguishing from the background. offers six different labels, which are; oval, round, square, rectangular, Die-Cut and custom kiss-cut labels. All the designs of kiss labels can be printed in any colors, any shape and size, depending upon your demand, marketing plan and marketing mix of the product.

Special type of material is used to print kiss cut labels which is two layers. In the kiss cut printing, the upper layer is cut by a sharp metal die or with the help of laser beam in a way that the lower layer is not cut and damaged. Kiss cut printing can be applied on the metal or metal foiled material where upper layer can be cut in design while the lower layer is kept intact. 

The kiss cut labels can be printed in any combination of full, bright, vibrant and eye-catching colors where sharp contrasting of the print from the background is required. CMYK basic colors are also applied in few cases.     

Cheap and good quality labels are shipped to you, free of cost, within Australia, regardless of the size of the consignment.     

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