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Static Cling Window Labels

Static cling is a special process in which the labels are electro-charged in such a way, that they are stuck to the window without any type of glue at the back or any other mechanism. These labels are used where the harsh weather, moist, rain or some other toxic environmental conditions creates the hurdles in their affixing on the outside window, outer door, outer glass walls, neon signs on the windscreens of the vehicles. offers six different and unique designs of the static cling window labels which are; Die-Cut, round, oval, rectangular, square custom static cling window labels. All these types and designs of the static cling windows labels can be printed in any color, any size and any shape, depending upon you specific business requirements and marketing plan of your company.

The special type of electro sensitive material is used to print the static sling window labels but it may be used in any color, white, multi-colored, glazed or laminated. Embossing and stamping is also applied during the printing process.

Printing of the images and text can be made with any combination of full, bright, shining, glowing, sharp, attractive, charming and eye-catching colors but may also be printed in CMYK basic colors.

The cheap and quality labels are shipped to you, free of cost, within Australia, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment,      

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