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Brushed Aluminum labels

Brushed Aluminum labels are like regular labels printed from materials like paper, vinyl or PVC plastics but, they have a special kind of texture on them which resembles the texture found on the aluminum.

These labels are printed by using a regular material but, a special aluminum brushed is used to draw the aluminum like texture on them. The texture can be varied by selecting the threshold of the brush and changing its direction.

The aluminum brushed labels can be printed from different kind of materials to make that you get your desired kind of labels. Paper materials ensures that your labels look classic while the vinyl material have transparency. The vinyl material once getting printed, is brushed to get the texture while the PVC material provides different kind of colors as well as waterproofing.

You can select from a variety of shapes for the printing of aluminum brushed labels where the traditional shapes like square, rectangle, oval and circle can be used. You can also get your labels printed by using the custom shapes which lets you add and print any kind of text or brand name on the labels. Die-cut option is also provided to ensure that your idea shape can be printed with the help of specifically made dies.

You can choose to have your labels embossed or stamped to make them look unique and different from others. Foiling can also be done in gold or silver to add shine to your labels. UV coating is also offered to protect your labels from different kind of scratches.

You can get all your labels printed at cheap rates and also get them delivered free of cost to any location in the Australia.

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